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NIUBLUX is our a brand for indoor commercial lighting,it is affiliated to Zhongshan GOODSKY LIGHTING Co.,Ltd, and GOODSKY GROUP Co., Limited, which was found in the year of 2015,our factory is located in the Lighting Capital City--Guzhen Town,Zhongshan City,China.We are a lighting enterprise which integrated with R & D,Production,Sales,and we are also an Importer & Exporter with Import & Export Rights.We are providing good quality with reasonable price for expanding our markets aound the world,and winning customers' satisfaction,we will be your reliable and long term relationship lighting partner.

Our Main Indoor Commercial Products:
LED Panel Lights

LED Down Lights

LED Spot Lights

LED Tracking Lights

LED Bulbs

LED Tube Lights

The concept of lighting is getting changed every year. More and more people are opting for concept lighting by making the building facade of a new look with the help of innovative lighting technique,we help to make the building facade moreinnovative,for builders,architects,factories,government,private institutions,airports,railway station,road side building,etc.

NIUBLUX always welcome all new & old customers and you to visit us for business and exchange latest lighting trends.



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